Saturday, April 2, 2016

My excuses are disappearing.....

For so many years I have used excuses for my weight: 
--I'm just supposed to be fat
--I'm not hurting anyone but myself

--I'm just big boned
--My grandma (more on this later)
--I just don't have the time to exercise
and so many more.   I have a harder time finding excuses not to exercise now, and a harder time finding excuses to eat junk.  Now, I think everything is 'allowed' when you are on a health journey....I just don't think 1) it needs to be eaten in excess or 2) it needs to be a staple in your weekly diet.   I keep telling my daughter that cookies/candy/ice cream is a sometimes food (just like Cookie Monster said -- he's my favorite btw).   She actually has been making better choices for being 7.  Not that she doesn't love ice cream and candy, but she's not against eating broccoli, green beans, oranges, or other healthy items.   I'm trying to instill good choices in her eating habits now, so that she won't feel the same I have my entire existence.
Let me expand more on my grandma -- Ma.  Ma lived during the depression.  She often told stories of going to bed hungry.  She loved the best way she knew how and most of the time  food was involved.  I can remember being a little kid - about the same age as Bug is now - and going to the grocery store.  I loved cheese balls.  Planter's Cheese Balls to be exact.  Cheese curls didn't really hit the spot, but give me a canister of cheese balls and I was in HEAVEN.  

Can I get a witness?
I can remember getting a canister (and this was the 80s so these suckers were not cheap) and getting home from the store, and opening them up and watching tv.  Before the tv show was over, the cheese balls would be gone.  Was I hungry? Nope.  Was I bored? Yep.  Was I stopped? No.   I can't blame every choice of eating on my grandmother, and I don't doubt that she loved me, but she didn't tell me no when it came to food.  She always said, "Don't eat all of them" but she never stopped me either.  Love? Without a doubt.  Healthy habits with food? Not really

I could sit here and try to make up 1,000,000 more excuses or reasons why not to lose weight.  The excuses aren't they for me anymore.  Do I have days where I don't want to exercise - you know it.  Do I have days where the last thing I want to do is put another drop of water into my body? Yes.   Do I realize how much better I feel after dropping 50 lbs? Daily.   I can't make anyone change themselves.  I can't twist their arms to try a workout with me or a shake....but I can be there when they decide they want to make a lifestyle change.   This is not the stopping point for me.   Not in the slightest.