Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And the March wind blows....

I love almost everything about Spring.  Flowers blooming, grass is green, and gardens get, you are asking "what don't you like about Spring?"  That's easy:  the storms.  I know you can have storms year round (and we have had several this winter), but somehow Spring storms frighten me more.   I have never been a fan of storms.  I think it's supposed to snow tonight up to an inch.  Ahh....Spring can't come soon enough!

My precious girl has been asking to listen to 'Jesus music' more.  Since we don't have a local Christian station (we need the Fish!!! (, I have to rely on cds.  I have one that has kids songs on it and we listen to it pretty much every day.  She loves church and I'm so glad that she does.  I think she would go every day.

Her preschool sent home a registration packet for next year. --sniff, sniff-- In 5 short months, my baby will start her last year of preschool.  In 7 1/2 short months, my sweet miracle will be 5 years old.   It really does seem like yesterday we were bringing home a 7 lb 14 oz bundle.  A friend posted this comment on another friend's status, and it's so true: " Enjoy each stage of life. Reminisce and remember but don't be so focused on how she was that you don't enjoy the beautiful life God has created her for."  I love that!  

Friday, March 1, 2013

Another new name....

So, I've gone through another name change on here.  I keep changing because I can't seem to nail down one that 'fits'.  I've been 'Twisted Tennessee Girl' and 'Tennessee Girl Gets Real'.  Somehow, I think Sidetracked Southern Belle fits.  I'm constantly getting sidetracked.  I do have a 4-year-old spoiled diva precious daughter that sometimes needs my attention.  Then, of course, there is the cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. that requires my attention.  I'm from Tennessee, which is not the most southern state, but I like to think that I'd still be a Belle living here.  :)

Right now, my precious is standing beside me whining and begging looking at me with her big blue eyes (which came from my btw) and asking so graciously, "May I please have the computer?"  Yeah, you laughed at that, too, huh?  Oh, the drama...LOL  Please pray for me and my dear Hubs as the years pass, more hormones kick in, and the girl dramatics become extreme.

I suppose that is all for now...Oh! We're getting snow! Not much, but it's March 1st, and we are getting snow.  Gotta love Tennessee

Night folks!