Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just good ole boys....

I love the "Dukes of Hazzard"....we're watching it now.  I remember watching this when I was a little girl. I loved Bo Duke (aka John Schneider).  Of course, as I've gotten older, I've noticed that Luke was/is quite the looker, too.  Tom Wopat....did any of you ever see him on "Tool Time"?  I wasn't impressed with his character because he made a pass at Jill.  And he sings!

Ok...let's see...Weekend recap:  Friday night was Homecoming and our local rival game against Coffee County.  Tullahoma is in Coffee County, but we have Tullahoma High School.  Manchester is the county seat and the city schools and county schools both end up at Coffee County High School.  Every year, we play the biggest game of the season for the Coffee Pot Trophy.  Tullahoma won after a crazy battle 43 to 39.  It was a nail-biter!

Yesterday, I went to a Women's fellowship at church.  Jennifer Ray was the speaker...There were about 23 of us.  It was fun :)  She was talking about the season's of life that we go through.  She said something that was revealed to her was that no matter what season you are in you need to see (sea) the Son (son).  Isn't that great??

This morning, we made it to Sunday school (a little late) and then on to church.  Bro. Tim had a great message.  Wednesday night, he and the other members of the mission team that went to Montana are going to be sharing their stories and pictures. I can't wait!  Everytime they show a video of some sort of missions at church, I cry.  I don't know what is so strong to draw me to that but I cry. Without fail. John does, too.  Not sure what that means - so say a prayer for us for direction and God to reveal what it means.

Tonight I missed small group because we went to Huntsville to shop a little.  We got back later than I thought we would.  I'm looking forward to this next week's daily study and actually making time to do it.  Why is that so hard? 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Out of Sorts....

I don't like this feeling.  It's that unsettled feeling.  Like there's so much going on inside your head that you can't sort it all out because it's a jumbled mess.   I have a few friends that I'm worried that deep in your gut gonna cry your eyes out in 1.4 seconds if you can't hold it together.  Just different stuff for all of them ya know. 

I went to small group Sunday night...the class I'm in is doing "When Wallflowers Dance" by Angela Thomas.  I have yet to do one of the daily studies.  Why you ask? I really don't know.  Maybe I'm afraid to be out on the dance floor instead of by the wall. 

I guess I need to go do a study...I think it will do me good.  I hope so. This jumbled mess in my head has got to go.