Thursday, November 8, 2012

Days 3, 4, & 5 of being Thankful

Sooooo, I'm having to play catch up now.

Day 3: Neighbors!

We have great neighbors! I grew up in the neighborhood where we live and aside from a few houses, most everyone is the same.  There are a few changes, but they are positive ones!  There is one man in the neighborhood that is like the 'pillar' of the neighborhood.  He is the greatest.  You won't find another like him at all....

Day 4: Internet/Facebook

This is a mixed thankful ;)  I have 'met' some awesome people over the years - thanks to the internet.  I have dated a few guys that I met - thanks to the internet.  I have met some people I wish I hadn't - thanks to the internet.  I still talk to people I haven't seen in 20+ years - thanks to the internet.  Facebook has been a great tool to get back in touch with people that I thought I would never talk to again.  It's been 15 years since I first used the internet or went into a chat room.  KDF in Nashville used to be a rock station and had a chat room.  I met some *AMAZING* people from that room!  Jenny (my bff I mentioned previously) for one!  Chris A, Vivy (Which I have yet to meet face to face!), Leah W....good times, good times.

Day 5: Bug's preschool

Bug goes to Grow in Grace Preschool...It's at our church and this is her 3rd year.  She LOVES school! She is so sad when she doesn't get to go.  We both have made friends through the school.  Hopefully, friendships that will last forever.

I have a few more days to catch up on...maybe tomorrow!


Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2 of being Thankful

Day 2: Thankful for my friends

I have been blessed over the years with lasting friendships.  Let me tell you a bit about a couple of them. 

My best friend, Jessica, and I met in high school and worked at Wal Mart together.  We had a lot of fun adventures through the years and then we had about 9ish years when we didn't talk.  Not upset with each other or anything, our lives had just taken us in different directions.  Once we started talking again, right before the birth of my daughter and her youngest son, we picked right up where we left off.  Now, we text everyday.  She lives on the other side of the country, but that doesn't mean we aren't close.

My other best friend, Jennifer, and I met in a chat room.  Her then boyfriend and I had gone to high school together.  Their relationship didn't last, but our friendship did.  We had some good times and discovered our redneck girl sides together.  Through lots of laughs and lots of tears, we shared our lives.  She was with me when I married in 1999, and came when my daughter was born in 2008.  John and I were at her wedding to the love of her life in 2007.   She passed away in August of 2011, and I miss her terribly.  I know in a sense she is always with me.

These are just 2 of the phenomenal friendships that I have...there's not enough room to list them all and what all they mean to me.  I hope they know that I treasure the times we have spent and will spend together. 

That's the end of day 2.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1 of being Thankful!

Since today is November 1st, it's become a "tradition" of sorts on Facebook to post 1 thing you are thankful for every day in November.  So, here I am going into more detail than I can in a status.

Day 1: I am thankful for music.

The CMA's just went off (Country Music Awards for those unaware), and I watched almost the whole thing.  Bottom line: I just love music.  Rock, Metal, Country, Contemporary Christian, etc. I have sooo many songs that I absolutely love.  Songs/Music speak volumes when words just won't cut it.

"And I wonder if I ever cross your mind" -- Lady Antebellum
"Funny how a melody sounds like a memory" -- Eric Church
"Now you're just somebody that I used to know" -- Gotye

I mean...those are all very valid statements...they just happen to be from songs.  I'm so emotional with music.  I can relate a song for almost every memory I have.  Wanna try me? LOL

I'm not musically inclined at all, but that doesn't stop me from loving music.  Bug loves music, too! I'm soooo glad.  I guess this will wrap up my first night.